gamut_rec_2020_dciEnsure your vision reaches the screen at the Finishing Room

The Finishing Room is the creation of James Gardiner known for his work as the CineTechGeek. (  His vision is to bring your vision to the screen as best it can.  The Finishing Room offers a versatile level of access to his over 20 years of experience in the Film and TV industry.  From the early years and his work on Kodak Cineon, to running a Post facility, Internet services company and of late the implementation of the VPF (Virtual Print Fee) and installing countless digital Cinema system in the independent market. Recently James has been working with SMPTE on HDR (High Dynamic Range) and the new Rec.2020 colour volume plus Dolby on the development of their digital cinema finishing tools as a beta and workflow tester.

How are we different

Unlike all other facilities in Australia, we offer wet and dry hire of the theatre.  What does this mean?  This means you are welcome to come in with your own editing and offline/online equipment and plug it into the DCI-quality theatre. We will ensure the colour science and finishing workflow all the way to the DCP.   This allows for those critical colour and environmental decisions to be made with equipment and operators you are familiar with.  When you need that extra “know-how” we are their to ensure an informed and expedient path to the finish.

Like typical Post houses, we do also offer DaVinci Resolve, Premiere and a list of experienced operators to chose from.  Its all your choice, we do not dictate what or who you must use in our Theatre.