DCP Distribution and KDM management

CRU Kit 1 thumbnailThe final step in a theatrical release is getting your DCP to the cinema for presentation.  The finishing room facility hosts a DCP storage and duplication system to allow for efficient duplication of DCPs in accordance with the ISDCF requirements.  We use industrial strength pelican cases to house the industry standard CRU-dataport disk enclosures.  These can be purchased or rented use in distribution to each location.

As the Internet becomes ubiquitous, FR now offers Internet delivery services.  This allows you to delivers your DCP to anywhere in the world (That supports a reasonable Internet download speed, 20mbit or higher recommended at destination)

DCP encryption and the use of KDM (Key Delivery Message) management is also a major aspect of distribution.  At The Finishing Room we are well versed in these technologies due to our experience in developing eCinema and dCinema tools used throughout the world. (We recommend dcpPlayer, a PC based DCP playing tool developed by James Gardiner, the principle owner of the Finishing Room)

For more information on distributing your film in the Australian and New Zealand region via physical CRU disks, please call.